The Essentials of Trees Understanding, Cultivation, and Preservation


The Essentials of Trees: Understanding, Cultivation, and Preservation

Treescene: Parts of the Tree These figures show three main parts of the tree:

1:The trunk and branches

2: The leaves

 3: The roots. Together, the branches and leaves form the crown of the tree. 

The figures also show the main tissue types that make up trees.

The Important Role of Trees in Human Life

Absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Soil stabilization. We eliminate airborne contaminants, bacteria, and pathogens. a supplier of gum, firewood, lumber, and ingredients for the medical field

Plant a Tree: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Plant trees!—The Internet of Good Things
  • To plant a shrub:
  • Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball to allow the roots to spread. Remove the tree from its pot, carefully trim the broken roots, and loosen the root ball slightly.
  • Place the tree in the planting hole.
  • Use the shovel to pour some soil into the planting hole. 
  • Water the cutting completely using a slow stream of water to allow the soil to settle.

Provide next-stage care.

What are the benefits of the tree, and how do we preserve it?

The importance of trees The importance of trees is complex and diverse enough to include many aspects of human concern, including the environment, economy, tourism, decoration, industry, food, and medicine. We mention, among them: Trees work with their roots and stems to hold together the soil and prevent its erosion, so that the land does not become stripped and becomes desert. Trees limit the speed of water flow and the formation of torrents in the event of heavy rain, and the passage of water at a low relative speed helps the ground absorb a large portion of it, thus increasing the amount of groundwater reserves in the ground. Trees act as buffers for strong winds, preventing them from sweeping away soil and scattering dust. This is why we notice that people are keen to grow it in their homes, in cities, and around vegetable fields to protect the land. 

An important and essential source for supplying the planet with oxygen and ridding it of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis. Trees have the ability to repel and isolate sounds, thus reducing the noise level. Trees are responsible for softening the atmosphere by evaporating water from their leaves and reflecting and absorbing sunlight. 

The temperature drops in the summer. In addition to improving air quality, purifying it and increasing its oxygen content. Its beautiful and attractive colors are a source of happiness and comfort for humans. For this reason, many people are interested in growing it around their homes, and even during times of rest and trips, they prefer to go to forests and green gardens to enjoy the beauty of nature there. It is considered a food source for humans, animals and insects in nature, as trees bear different types of fruits and berries. The only source of wood used in the manufacture of home furniture, decorations and paper is wood. Trees are considered a source of energy to this day, despite the scientific and technological development we have achieved globally. The depletion of forest resources has been a source of great concern to many countries and the focus of attention for many humanitarian organizations. 

The shade of trees provides protection from direct sunlight. Many substances are extracted from the tree that are used in the production of medicines, frankincense, spices, and rubber. The branches of the Arak tree are used to make miswak, which are superior to industrial toothbrushes in efficiency and effectiveness and increase the whiteness of teeth. Manufacture of oils from various types of tree fruits, such as olives. Some birds and animals build their homes on trees, and even humans in tropical regions build their homes on trees to protect against crawling animals and some annoying insects. Trees decorate the streets, houses and squares. Preserving trees: The responsibility of preserving trees lies with every person, institution, association, and at the state level. 

Because the benefit of it does not stop with one person but rather includes everyone. At the state level, by enacting legislation criminalizing attacks on forest resources and trees in general and setting deterrent penalties for anyone who cuts, burns, or harms a tree.

The importance of trees. Activating renewable energy sources with the aim of reducing people’s need for trees for heating and cooking. At the individual and regional levels, do not cut trees, no matter what the need. Protect trees from any damage, water them and trim them periodically. Establishing industrial and residential projects in areas not suitable for agriculture. Do not throw waste around trees in forest areas, because waste harms trees and destroys soil. Fighting fires if they occur.

Mysteries of Tree Growth

A tree is a form of plant life—a woody plant more than 10 meters tall that generally grows on land and needs varying amounts of water. Trees are generally distinguished from other plants by the presence of roots, stems, and branches and by their relative large size compared to other plants, such as grasses and mosses. The trees are of many sizes, including large and small.


What is the most beautiful tree in the world?

Taxodium distychum: It is concentrated in southeastern America and often grows on lakes, giving it a strange appearance. Acacia delbata: It is concentrated in Australia and is known as mimosa. It is distinguished by its beautiful yellow flowers. Magnolia: Its flowers bloom in the spring in the shape of a star in shades of white, pink, purple, green and purple.

What does the tree symbolize?

The tree represented the dominant element in the formation of the research because it was able to embody human nature and the stages of life that it goes through, starting from childhood until old age, and starting from the tree being a seed under the soil until it reaches the stage of maturity and senility, and thus its life development represents human growth and development, and accordingly, the tree has become an objective equivalent to the existence of man, and man is the poet.

The most beautiful thing said about agriculture?

Agriculture is the basis for the progress of nations and the basis for increasing production. Countries that depend on cultivating their lands guarantee support for their economies and development, and their fate is not in the hands of others.

There is nothing more beautiful than planting the land so that it becomes green on your hands, embroidered with flowers and becomes a productive land instead of being barren with no good in it, for agriculture is the soul of the land.

How do you maintain, and can we save a tree?

Controlling pollution:

Controlling pollution is one of the most important steps to preserving trees.

Raise awareness: 

Cooperation with the competent authorities:

What are the stages of tree growth?

The medium contains the stages of the flowering plant’s life cycle, starting with germination, then root growth, then the stem and leaves, then the pollen stage to form seeds, and finally the cycle ends with the seed dispersal stage.

How does a person turn into a tree?

This extremely rare disease results from a genetic mutation. As a result of this genetic mutation, the body is prepared to be infected with a special type of virus, the human papilloma virus, which causes strange, enlarged skin growth in the form of roots similar to the roots of a tree.

Innovations in Tree Age Determination

As for large trees in the summer, they are watered once or twice every week, and in the winter, such as palm, olive, and fig trees, In the winter, they depend on rainwater, and water can be added to them once every ten days. Trees that have been newly planted in the garden are watered. With water once every four days

What kills a tree?

Scientists have found another way to determine the age of trees without cutting them down: by using a borer, which is a tool that can dig into the middle of the tree above about 20% of the center of the trunk and pull it out after removing a cylinder from the trunk. A thin cylinder extracted from a tree will show all its rings, which can accurately determine its age.

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