10 actions to avoid deforestation
10 actions to avoid deforestation

The process of removing different natural forests through human activity is referred to as deforestation.  

Securing additional land for mining, farming, raising cattle, and infrastructure construction.including the construction of factories, bridges, buildings, and other structures, is the primary objective of these operations.

Environmental environments are significantly impacted directly by deforestation.Among these consequences, we can find:

 10 solutions for deforestation.

These are 10 actions to avoid deforestation that we recommend, from EcoHome, that you can take to contribute to the conservation of forests in our ecosystems:

  • Consume products that are sustainable.

Choose to consume certain products that are friendly to the environment and that do not contribute to deforestation activities. Among them, you can use products such as cane waste paper, furniture made of certified wood, or products that do not require large areas of land for their manufacturing.

  • Strive for energy savings.

When you use a smaller amount of energy, you will be contributing to a reduction in the demand for fossil fuels, which are usually responsible for deforestation activities such as gas and oil extraction.

  • Reduce paper consumption.

Significantly reducing paper consumption is a smart decision. We recommend you choose recycled paper options, such as cane, or from sustainable sources that allow for fewer deforestation activities on the planet

  • Prioritize companies 

By choosing to buy http://treescene.co.nz  products from companies that are prioritizing their sustainable policies, you will be contributing to activities such as:

 Prioritize companies that have committed to protecting biodiverse ecosystems, such as forests.

Respect the rights of your workers and collaborators.Be aware that industrial activities directly impact the environment.

  • Buy second-hand furniture in good condition.

Opt for second-hand options, as you will be contributing to reducing the demand for wood and preserving forests. In addition, you will be saving a good amount of money, and you will be able to find options that are almost fresh from the stores.

  • Consider reducing your consumption of meat and dairy products.

The meat and dairy industry has one of the main deforestation statistics in many parts of the planet.Being environmentally conscious means knowing that, by consuming a smaller amount of these products, you will be contributing to the conservation of forests since so many hectares will not have to be cut down for their production.

  • Use more organic products.

Because they are produced without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers, some organic products are frequently more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As long as they don’t originate from monocultures, which devastate native forests by consuming vast amounts of area for their production. 

  • Help plant native trees.

As long as you get permission from the local government to plant trees, you can be sure that your efforts will be respected by planting them in your yard or public areas.

Additionally, since not all plants and trees are good for your reforestation region, you must research the kinds of plants and trees you wish to plant before beginning this kind of planting.

  • Participate in environmental campaigns.

Support campaigns and organizations that fight against deforestation, and participate in petitions and campaigns for your government to take action against these types of activities.

  • Spread information responsibly.

By sharing truthful and effective information, you will be able to contribute to activities in favor of the environment, since the people around you will be able to inform themselves responsibly and thus take effective measures to contribute to activities against environmental deforestation.

 Every time you go to clean your home, your gardens, and your food, try to use products of natural origin, because by using chemical inputs, you will be directly impacting the environment and, what is more dangerous, your nearby areas. 

By being exposed to certain chemical residues, you can inhale them and rub your skin against them, causing allergies and other annoying or dangerous problems.

 Always use a line of natural cleaning products, and start being responsible with the environment, your surroundings, and your family.

10 actions to avoid deforestation

Benefits of natural cleaning products

These are some of the benefits of cleaning products of natural origin:

  • Elimination of products harmful to your health in your home
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Safety for your children in your home
  • Disinfection with natural products
  • Respect for the environment
  • Minimization of the impact on the ozone layer.
  • Prevention of tree felling. 


What does tree-felling cause?

The removal of the vegetation layer deprives forests and jungles of their natural canopies, which block the sun’s rays during the day and maintain heat at night. This disorder contributes to more extreme temperature changes that can be harmful to plants and animals.

What would happen if they cut down so many trees?

The destruction of forests and trees frequently contributes to the issue of climate change. The earth warms as a result of the stored CO2 in trees being cut down for fuel or timber, or when forests are burned for farming. 

 What problems does cutting down trees cause?

The lack of forests causes the loss of habitat for millions of species because, according to some estimates, 70% of animals and plants live in forests, which contributes to climate change because wet soils without the protection of trees dry quickly.

 What does excessive Tree cutting mean?

Why forests are fundamental for the climate, water. Forests are the main carbon sinks on Earth. However, the removal of trees for farming or building causes a large amount of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, to be emitted into the atmosphere, hastening climate change. 

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